Custom Quilts & Commissions

There are numerous custom quilts and cushions available all bespoke to meet your needs. You can see the types of quilts and cushions made in the Gallery to give you an idea of the type of work available. All the quilt are 100% cotton and washable. They will be an enduring gift and make great gifts for all occasions: Birth; Christening, Celebrations; Weddings; Anniversaries; Gradations; First home; Birthdays and much much more.

Baby quilts

These are generally around 40” square which can have matching accessories of a lamp shade and or bunting to potentially decorate a new babies room or a growing toddler. The quilts can be specifically embroidered to record a birth, birthday or any special event.

Picnic Blankets

Another great opportunity for a bespoke present is a handmade picnic blanket for a special couple or family days out whether it be at the park, the beach or in the car!

Speciality Cushions

These can be either a quilted fabric design or have an embroidered centre specifying a day, name, date and/or event with a quilted border all with an envelop back to the cushion measuring 17” square unless another size is required.


Each item is individually priced but a guide would be:

Baby Quilt 40”X40” from £80

Picnic Quilt 50”X50’ from £120

Large Quilt from £150