Longarm Quilting Service

Edge to Edge all over quilting & Basting

In order to make the most of your quilting efforts please ensure you prepare your quilt for quilting by doing the following:

Quilt Top

1. DO NOT baste your quilt - it goes onto the long arm in 3 separate layers.
2. DO NOT embellish your quilt top with beads or buttons BEFORE quilting.
3. Check all seems for gaps or loose stitches - if you have a pieced border please ensure you stay-stitch 1/8” in from the outer edge all around the quilt to secure it.
4. Trim all threads from the front and back on the quilt top and backing(if providing).
5. Ensure your quilt top and backing are square.
6. Press the quilt top and ensure seams lie as flat a possible. Any extra fullness in the borders or the quilt body cannot be quilted out so small tucks may need to be made to take up the surplus fabric.
7. If your quilt is directional, pin a note indicating the top.
8. Basting will be at 4” intervals unless specified otherwise.

There may be an additional charge if work is needed to enable your quilt top to be quilted successfully which will always be discussed with you.

Quilt Backing & Wadding

If you are providing the backing fabric and the wadding please ensure both are at least an additional 4” bigger than the quilt top on all sides.

1. Ensure your backing is square - despite the shape of the quilt top.
2. Press any seams open where you've joined the backing fabric to get the size.
3. Check whether the design is directional and if is please indicate by pinning a note to the fabric.

Polyester wadding will not be acceptable for long arm quilting due to its high loft - cotton, bamboo or cotton poly blend are all fine.
If you need to purchase wadding for your quilting I can provide which will be an additional cost to your service total.

Quilting Prices

  • Basting Size dependant £15 - £40
  • Edge to Edge Cot (Up to) 40”x50” £40
  • Lap (Up to) 60”X70” £65
  • Single (Up to) 70”X80” £90
  • Double (Up to) 90”X100” £140
  • King (Up to) 100”X120” £185

Posting Quilts

Please ensure your insure your quilts when posting them. If you want them insured on return please make sure that is known and the cost will be added to the final service total.

Postal Charges:

  • Next Day £25
  • 48Hrs £20
  • Anytime £10